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Iron Man Porn Story: "Ironman Armored Adventure story 3"

Forever hugged by her love?blonde and red?oh bikinis falling?peepors teeth.. Witneys thong?warm skin. Lips blend in wet kiss..Witney maoning..peper thirsty..drinking from the tann tap??ah sheets??it was a nice dream though that rohde was having(I wouldve gotten off on it too..and im a bodyless vioce of naration) Ever since she came to the Tomorrow Academy Rohde has been having drems about witney stane.After a quick clean up of his sheets and himself he ran down to the armory like every Sunday morning. Today was going to be Peppers surprise first dawning of the armor. For about a month now Tony had designing on the side a semi portable armor for pepper consisting of mainly life suport systems, comunications and defensive weapons. But someone else was going down there too!?.?that feels good, right there Tony??Your body is so buetiful??OH God ??Wow your getting wet fast???don?t stop??OH know, we have company, mrs rohdes is coming??ah, what if she finds out about what we have been doing, oh no parents talk to eachother..she?ll tell my dad, my dad will ground me, they?ll discover your ironman???PEPPOR..just get dressed???Tony???hey Roberta? Tony answered in a bacwards ascew shirt and crooked pants with an obviese bulge??What is going on down here???nothing much just fixing up the place, working on some inventions??uh huh..look I don?t mind you working down here, but im responsible for you and when Peppers here im responsible for her too, I need to know that your are safe and sleeping in separate beds or the couch from now on..I trust you, but its my rules, as smart as you are Tony, accidents and urges can happen??yes Roberta, it?ll never happen again?Roberta gives the mo Continue reading

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